Experienced project staff from various disciplines are available at LUH as contact persons for those interested in setting up a business.

Judith Michael-von Malottki

Judith Michael-von Malottki
Startup Coach

Philipp Brandt
Startup Coach

Janina Segatz
Startup Coach

Philipp Janotta
Startup Coach

Partner Institutions

A total of nine startup officers together form the sounding board, which supports the startup service in bringing the idea of entrepreneurship to the faculties. The start-up officers are professors with an affinity for start-ups who communicate start-up-relevant information to the faculties, sensitise students and academics to entrepreneurship and identify new technologies with market potential.

Philosophische FakultätProf. Dr. Julia Gillen
Fakultät für MaschinenbauProf. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Wallaschek
Fakultät für Architektur und LandschaftProf. Dr. Michael Schumacher
Naturwissenschaftliche FakultätProf. Dr. Rolf Sternberg
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche FakultätProf. Dr. Christiana Weber
Fakultät für Mathematik und PhysikProf. Dr. Stefan Weber
Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und InformatikProf. Dr. Stefan Zimmermann
Juristische Fakultättba
Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Geodäsietba

The steering group supports the start-up service as a steering committee. Its members include representatives from the Presidential Board, science, technology transfer and business development.

Vizepräsident für Forschung und TransferProf. Dr.-Ing. Holger Blume[Profil]
Leitung Institut für Wirtschafts- und KulturgeographieProf. Dr. Rolf Sternberg[Profil]
Leitung Dezernat Forschung und EU-Hochschulbüro, TechnologietransferDr. Reingis Hauck[Profil]
Leitung Gründung & Entrepreneurship, hannoverimpuls GmbHMario Leupold[Profil]
Institut für Innovations-Forschung, Technologie-Management & Entrepreneurship[Link]
TEWISS GmbH – Gründungszentrum[Link]
Professur für Innovationsmanagement[Link]
Mechatronik Zentrum – Student Accelerator[tbd]
Institut für Marketing und Management – Masterserminar “Gründung & Innovation”[Link]
Makerlab Hannover[Link]
GRANAT – Online Summer School Entrepreneurship[Link]
hannovate – Gründungsinitiative

L3S – Regional Innovation Hub IIP-Ecosphere

In the innovation project IIP-Ecosphere, L3S and IFW are working together with starting business and many other partners* in a Lower Saxony Regional Innovation Hub for intelligent production. The aim is to facilitate access to AI technologies, to bring manufacturing companies together with innovative start-ups and SMEs in the field of AI, and to promote startup activity in the field of AI for production. Numerous Lower Saxony stakeholders come together in this context for innovation expert roundtables to exchange experiences and plan joint activities.

L3S – Digital Innovation Hub

Together with starting business and other partners, L3S has been included in the European catalogue of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). As innovation centres, DIHs are an important part of the European Commission’s initiative to digitise European industry. With technical universities or research institutions at the centre, DIH’s act as one-stop-shops where companies can access technology testing, funding advice, market research and networking opportunities. The offer covers the entire innovation process – especially in the areas of smart production, mobility and medicine – with a focus on Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI).

In the future, the DIH will literally take up more space: Leibniz Universität is planning to build a Digital Innovation Campus (DIC) with support from the state of Lower Saxony in order to network and expand existing structures with a focus on AI and cybersecurity (CS). One floor of the new building will offer space for start-ups, interdisciplinary project groups, seminars and events.

L3S – European Digital Innovation Hub

At the beginning of 2021, the EU Commission launched the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) initiative. The aim is to promote companies and SMEs, but also the public sector, in growth areas such as AI or CS. To this end, a nationwide network of closely interconnected EDIHs is to be created. In order to further expand the activities of the DIH (see above), the L3S is participating in the European tender for EDIHs. The EDIH located at the new DIC is to become an important supra-regional contact point for the topics of AI and CS and support applications of these technologies in the areas of intelligent production and intelligent mobility that are important for Lower Saxony. As coordinator of the EDIH, the L3S would like to work with regional partners – including starting business – to promote digital innovations and further shape the digital transformation in Germany. The first hurdle of the project has already been overcome: The planned EDIH was included in the shortlist (33 projects) that the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has forwarded to the European Commission. The final call for funding is dated 27.05.2021 – the first EDIH’s are to start at the beginning of 2022.