Startup Consultancy

Support in the preparation of all relevant documents for a successful foundation.

Every startup consultation begins with a personal meeting in which the individual needs of each project are worked out together with the consultants of the startup service. Adapted to the respective situation, we give recommendations on the next steps and establish contact with further supporters from the startup network. In this way, we create the conditions for a successful startup.

Due to the ongoing Corona situation, we are temporarily offering virtual counselling sessions only.

Co-Founders & Staff

Matching with potential co-foudners and future employees.

Finding bright minds for startup projects is not easy. Our regular matching events bring founders and startups together with young talents who expand the team with specific areas of expertise. Following the "search" and "offer" scheme, we create formats to systematically tackle the issue of team additions in the Hannover startup scene.

Venture Capital

Contact with private investors and professional investment companies.

Participation in a startup is associated with a very high risk for investors. At the same time, very high returns are possible in the event of success. On the "free" capital market, two types of investors are particularly interesting: business angels and venture capital companies.

Business Plans

Support in the preparation of all relevant documents for a successful foundation.

Particularly in the case of complex startup projects, the question of disclosing a business plan arises sooner or later. Whether for external partners or investors, for internal use or for coordination with the startup service - a carefully prepared business plan can increase the startup's chances of success. In addition, this form of written business planning is a good way of scoring points in competitions and attracting capital injections.


Access to seed and growth funding programmes (EXIST etc.).

Some funding programmes are particularly relevant for technology-oriented spin-offs from higher education: The Lower Saxony Startup Grant (~50.000€), the EXIST Startup Grant (~150.000€) and the EXIST Research Transfer (~800.000€). We are happy to answer questions and provide support with the application process. The application for all funding is made through the university.


Access to and preparation for 150+ startup competitions.

Startup projects can receive small financial injections by participating in various competitions. In addition to cash prizes (usually smaller four-digit amounts, occasionally up to €30,000), extremely interesting non-cash prizes such as mentoring, free office space or PR services are often offered. We provide you with an overview of supraregional competitions, including background information and application deadlines.

Business Models

Creative process of business model development with proven experts.

The classic business plan is not always the method of choice. Tools such as the Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder) or the Product Field (Frahm, Schieben & Wopperer-Beholz) can help to gain an overview of the key factors of a successful business model. Especially in the case of innovative business ideas, where it is not always clear how exactly revenues are generated, this can be a helpful basis.


Various workshops on entrepreneurial qualification at regular intervals.

We offer different formats for entrepreneurial qualification at regular intervals. Geared to the special needs of entrepreneurs, our free courses offer qualification opportunities in all relevant phases, from idea generation to market entry.

Office Space

Temporary and free provision of working space for selected startups.

The startup service advises on the wide range of options available in Hannover Region. Depending on the available budget, the required flexibility and, of course, the equipment, the following options are available: Office space, Workshops, Co-working, FabLabs / Maker Spaces, Hacker Spaces