starting business success stories: SigmaHeat

starting business success stories: SigmaHeat

What does SigmaHeat do?

Around one third of all CO2 emissions in Germany are caused by heating systems. In addition, every second heating system is technically outdated and therefore inefficient. Due to the climate catastrophe, we can no longer afford these emissions. In addition, heating costs continue to rise and we cannot simply use renewable energies everywhere. We at SigmaHeat solve these problems through our CO2 balancing and recording in real time, independently and networked. Our vision is to digitalize and analyze heating systems holistically with our plug & play technology. We do not only consider the radiator, but the entire system. Our target customers are owners and operators with a central gas heating system, which corresponds to approximately 3.4 million buildings in Germany. In addition, we also measure all other energy sources. In addition to measurement, we also offer direct savings potential that we can identify during installation. Our extended service also includes personal analysis and customer support, so we add individual aspects to our all-inclusive service, from the measuring device to data transmission and automatic analysis.

How did the foundation come about?

In his professional career, Maik implemented energy management systems for customers and found that the systems were mostly not used for managing energy. In addition, as energy consultants, Maik and Sebastian have also frequently seen systems that are incorrectly parameterized and operated. That’s why we said we needed to develop a simple solution. Maik then built an initial prototype that ran for several months. As a result, SigmaHeat GmbH was then founded with Anna and Jan in May 2021. In the meantime, Jan has left the team and Sönke has joined.

What are the negative and/or positive learnings?

Probably the most important thing that drives SigmaHeat forward is our team. Without the active collaboration of every employee, SigmaHeat could never have become what it is today. In 2021, SigmaHeat already had 15 employees*. This growth was necessary for the development and also the market positioning. This is also the most important positive learning, because when we set goals, we can rely on our team to achieve the goal. It is the team what makes a startup after its foundation and also later on. Excellent employees contribute more than the usual amount and we want to honor that. Learnings are never negative. Nevertheless, we can say that we have also learned from the past and in some cases had to pay more than we wanted to. This includes recruiting in particular, from founders to employees in production. Especially in stressful times, you really get to know each other and your co-founders. Not everyone is well suited for every task. However, experience also shows us that no one can take this learning away from you.

Roadmap and what the future should bring?

We want to make a significant contribution to climate protection. That is why we will focus more on product market fit, further develop our technology and expand our staff. Competitions and trade shows will also accompany us this year. In 2022, we will launch 100 pilot projects, 60 of which have already been agreed. Currently, we are already balancing about 14,000 m² of living space with over 250 devices. By 2030, we want to have developed 10% of the European market. Together, we can still avert the climate catastrophe and thus protect the climate in a measurable way.

Written by: Maik Brinkmann and Anna Dryaeva

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