Robotics Award 2020 goes to Yuanda Robotics

Robotics Award 2020 goes to Yuanda Robotics

Yuanda Robotics is the first cobot manufacturer to win the Robotics Award presented at HANNOVER MESSE. The prize for innovative and applied robot solutions was awarded for the tenth time by Industrieanzeiger, Robotation Academy and Deutsche Messe. The aim is to promote products, projects and technological innovations that work on robotic solutions for industrial automation and mobile robotics as well as autonomous systems.

As a startup with a background at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Yuanda Robotics was able to prevail over its competitors this year with its robot “Yu”. Collaborative robots, or cobots for short, such as the Yu can be used safely in human work environments and are designed to support humans in their daily tasks through ease of use. In this context, cobots are actually no longer a groundbreaking innovation in terms of technology. Yuanda Robotics, however, is thinking the cobot a big way ahead by cleverly combining a variety of built-in sensors using the latest machine learning algorithms, AI, and intelligent image processing, and packaging them so that anyone can use the features. Yu’s high-tech features are foolproof to use and will make any employee want to get into robotics.

Further information can be found on the pages of the Robotics Award, the Industrieanzeiger and the Yuanda Robotics Homepage.

Congratulations on winning the prize! Congratulations!

Contact Yuanda Robotics GmbH:
Yuanda Robotics GmbH / Carl-Buderus-Straße 7 / 30455 Hannover
+49 511 89810600

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